About us

Country Enterprises, Inc.,

We started our business in the 1980's as a field marker company that built only field flags. The "never say no" policy from the beginning has promoted growth into a variety of markets and continually expanded over the years. Country Enterprises Inc., currently has a large number of products that are patented, manufactured and sold in-house.  Country Enterprises Inc., also does private label manufacturing projects exclusively for other businesses.

The diverse team of professionals at Country Enterprises Inc., are leaders in innovation, quality control and service. The company today serves the following markets:

-Agricultural-drainage Tile Industry

-City/County/and State Agencies


-Industrial Supply Companies


We carry a diverse inventory of items, such as a  Corn Comparison Board , multi-ear Ear Corn Display BandCrop Development Clipboard,  Plant Stand Stick that is telescoping for accurate plant stand per acre calculation, we have the new "Flag The Technology Flags" available with single or double sided printing. We have the Plant Emergence Flag Kits available, Insect Net with Crop Height Indicator, Plant Stand Hoop, Seed Depth Spacing Tools, Garden Spades Utility Markers, Farm Field Markers, Banner Brackets and Banners, Fiberglass Rods of many sizes and colors, Field tile drain covers, Field Drainage Tile Cutters, Tile Probes, Delineators and their Drivers and many more items. 

Contact us for all your Safety Flag Needs and for all the new  "Flag The Technology" Needs, or if you are in need of a unique customized item. Our team at Country Enterprises, Inc., are always happy to work with you to get you the exact product/s you require, at an affordable price.

Call us at 800-349-8752, lets talk about your project, custom order or freight quote. 

  • 2009 Country Enterprises Inc. was presented the US SBA Business-of-the-Year award