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ADS Drainage Tile Advantages

  • Feeding the nation and the world, the American farmer has relied on drainage pipe to maximize land efficiency. Since introducing corrugated pipe to the United States in 1966, ADS has led the industry in providing quality pipe, fittings and other accessories to improve the effectiveness.
  • According to research experts, the number one factor that affects crop yield is drainageThat's above crop variety and rotation, insect problems, tilling, and fertilization and pH level of the soil. A study conducted by The Ohio State University shows subsurface drainage can increase crop up to 50%.
  • An increase in crop production means an increase in revenue.
  • Drainage also increases the effectiveness of fertilizer, decreases the risk of flooding, allows for a longer growing season, prevents heavy soil erosion, and reduces downtime and labor costs.
  • More than a billion feet of ADS corrugated polyethylene pipe have been installed in American farmlands for field drainage, soil moisture control, and stock ponds. There is even a specially perforated pipe series for grain aeration.
  • Farmers choose polyethylene for its ruggedness in all temperatures, easy installation, low cost, and long service life.
  • ADS perforated and non-perforated single wall pipe, in 3"-24" diameters are ideal for drainage plans where flexibility, light-weight durability and economics are key to the overall success of the project.
  • Smaller diameter pipe, available in coils up to 2500 feet, is predominantly used for field drainage. Larger diameters, available in 20-foot lengths, are used primarily for mains and culverts. Other applications include grain aeration and animal feed operations for waste removal.