Customized Marker Flags

We at Country Enterprises Inc. also have a Sign & Design Shop

This allows us to Customize Your Marker Flag to be the way you want it.

We do Customized Marker Flags for Pipelines, Farmers, Chemical Companies, Orchard Growers, Seed Corn Dealers, Soybean Growers, Lake Resorts, Lawn and Garden Companies, Snow Removal Companies, Driveway Markers, Curb and Gutter Markers and more!


Just call us at 507-747-2574 and ask for our Sign Shop

They will have you send them your eps logo file OR they can create one for you. They will send you a proof and get your approval before printing.

Along with Customized Marker Flags we have a Corn Comparison Board, Ear Corn Display BandCrop Development Clipboard as well as a Plant Stand Stick that is telescoping for accurate plant stand per acre calculation. You can also take a look at "Flag The Technology Flags" available with single or double sided printing. Plant Emergence Flag Kits are available to help you keep track of when your plants emerge.  Other items include Insect Net with Crop Height Indicator, Plant Stand Hoop, Seed Depth Spacing Tools, Garden Spades and many more items to help keep your operation running smooth. 

At Country Enterprises Inc. if you ask for it we will work hard to get you what you ask for. If you order one of our many new products and see something that would help improve it, feel free to contact us at 1-800-349-8752 and tell us what you have on your mind .