PEK 400 Plant Emergence Kit

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Plant Emergence Kit

ID Plant Emergence Date

18" PVC Staff

4" X 5" Vinyl Flag

Plant Emergence Kit - Consists of 8 bundles of 50 Flags each (Blue, Brown, Purple, Silver, White, Yellow, Rocket Red, Florescent - Lime) 

Use these to display the date your plants emerge .

For the farmer or seed corn dealer that wants to know precisely the date their plant varieties emerge this makes it easy to know, this should be the one for you.

We at Country Enterprises Inc. are dedicated to getting our customers the product they need to do their jobs.

When people compete for customers based on the quality of their seed varieties this plant emergence kit is the real equalizer.

Each year more and more farmers and dealers are looking for the one tool that sets them above the rest and this one will definitely help that happen. Each year new varieties of seed are planted and what a nice way to display info about your product.

Along with these Plant Emergence Kits, we have a Corn Comparison Board, we have a Plant Stand Stick that is telescoping for accurate plant stand per acre calculation, we have the new "Flag The Technology Flags" available with single or double sided printing.

We have an  Insect Net with Crop Height Indicator, Plant Stand Hoop, Seed Depth Spacing Tools, Garden Spades and many more items. 

At Country Enterprises Inc. you ask for it and we will work hard to get you what you ask for. If you order one of our many new products and see something that would help improve it, feel free to contact us and tell us what you have on your mind.