Tile & Field Marker | 5/16" DURA-SHIELD Rod

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$6.37 - $19.17

Product Overview

Customize your marker the way YOU want it! This marker includes a 5/16" thick DURA-SHIELD rod. The rest is up to you!

 Yellow Dura-Shield Rod:

  • INCREASED the Rod Life
  • DECREASED Slivering
  • INCREASED Ultraviolet and Corrosion Resistance

Choose your:

  • Flag Size - Standard 9"x12" or Jumbo 12"x18" pennant
  • 18 oz. Vinyl Flag Color - Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Pink, or White
  • Fiberglass Rod Length - 4', 5', 6', 8' (actual length of 7'9" for shipping purposes), or 10' (2-Piece)


  • 4" White Reflective Rod Tape
  • Reflective Strip of Laminate on Flag


We can also do 10x10/12x12 Square Flags or other custom flag sizes of your choice. 

For pricing give us a call at: (507) 747-2574 or (800) 349-8752


(No reviews yet) Write a Review